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Welcome to Quidditch VR! After all that waiting you can now play the game that millions have dreamed of playing! Catch the quaffle. Dodge the other team. Throw it to back and forth with your teammates. Then score!

Designed to use with google cardboard, but can be played without by clicking to vr icon on the main screen.

LEGAL: Quidditch is used under Free-trade. This game is not developed by nor endorsed by the respectful copyright holders for Harry Potter and Quidditch. 100% Fan-made app.


To play this game you need a virtual reality headset that can “tap” the screen.  Try a google cardboard version 2 (https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=google+cardboard+v2)

Start the game by choosing the length of a game you want to play. Unlike the actual game of quidditch which ends when the snitch is caught, this game ends after a predetermined length of time. You can then choose which of the 4 houses you want to play for. Lastly choose which position you wish to play.

Seeker: Try and catch the snitch, the small golden ball with wings that flies around the stadium. This is done simply by flying into the snitch. The seeker can also use a speed boost by holding done the button on the virtual reality headset, or tap and holding on the screen. Catching the snitch is worth 15 points.

Chaser: The chasers goal is to throw the quaffle, the bigger brown ball, throw the 3 golden hoops on the opponents end of the field. As a chaser you can throw to another player or try and score through the hoops whenever a white target symbol appears in front of your target. This is done by hitting the button on you vr headset or tapping the screen. Throwing the quaffle through the hoops is worth 10 points.

Keeper: As a keeper, you goal is to block the opposing teams chasers from scoring in your goals. Because of this you are limited to staying directly in front of your goals during the game. After an opponent chaser attempts to score, you should try and move in front of the quaffle and block it. If you miss, you will be notified if they missed or scored a goal on you. At that point you need to throw the quaffle to one of your teammates. This is done by hitting the button on you vr headset or tapping the screen when you see a target in front of one of your team members.

Tapping the screen while not looking at a target will toggle between flying forward or staying in place.

Practice Mode: When you “look” at the practice option in the home menu, you will be taken to a practice mode where you will practice as the position selected below in the menu. Here you do not have to worry about other players.

To exit practice mode or stop a game, fly through the hoops marked exit and you will return to the main screen. If playing as a chaser, or seeker, these exits are through the main doors in the middle of the field on each end. If playing as a keeper, the exit is to the left through a hoop just above the stands.

Please consider donating what you think this game is worth, in order to keep Quidditch VR free to download and free of any advertisements. Thanks!


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